Welcome to the bottom.

The Quiet Bottom is a badass rock band from the Atlantic islands, the Azores.

It is a João Melo and Marcos Falcão project, in collaboration with Paulo Andrade, António Couto and Jimmy Santos as a live act.

There are no boundaries to our creations, although we mainly focus on the ALT-ROCK-POP scene.

Looking forward to play live!

I am the bottom. Thank you.

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Our Releases



Our latest release, Descent, is out now!




Our first EP, Fledge.





We have official merch available!

If you’d like a “Descent” t-shirt, or any of our EPs in physical format, you now can!

Just send us a message on our Facebook page.



“I just listened to it and said to myself, “Man, I really love this album.” Still, today, it just sounds so fresh. It sounds full of ideas. These guys knew what they were doing. They’re good. And they’re inventive. I haven’t heard anything this year that’s as inventive. I don’t really expect to.”

Live Dates